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Head of the LISA department - Senior Research Associate with the F.N.R.S.



Christine DECAESTECKER Tel.: +32 (0)2 650 27 61 christine.decaestecker@ulb.be Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles
Campus du Solbosch - CP 165/57
Avenue F.D. Roosevelt, 50
1050 Bruxelles

Research topics

In summary,
  • Pattern recognition and machine learning in general
  • Multidisciplinary research in the fields of digital pathology and computational histology (or “histomics”) based on whole slide imaging: Development of computer methods for the quantitative characterization and validation of tissue-based biomarkers useful for diagnosis, prognosis and theragnosis, in close collaboration with DIAPath-CMMI and the Pathology Department of Erasme Hospital


Main topics:
  • STAT-H-400 Analyses de données multivariées
  • INFO-H-501 Pattern recognition and image analysis
  • Chairwoman (2010-2014) and vice-chairwoman (2006-2010) of the biomedical section of the Engineering School of Brussels (ULB)


All publications from 2015, for more, see on Difusion
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Updated on April 24, 2023