Monitoring of environment and well-being factors such as temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration.


The project aimed to develop sensors in order to monitor environment and well-being factors such as temperature, humidity, light and CO2 concentration. This monitoring system has been deployed on the University campuses as well as in secondary schools in the Wallonia-Brussels federation. They are fully respectful of the environment in terms of energy consumption and the use of existing communication technologies.

Project's objective

  • Promote the SmartCampus ULB as well as the environmental objectives as part of the Climate Plan.
  • Demonstrate the energy savings that can be made by monitoring infrastructure consumption.
  • Raise awareness of climate issues as widely as possible.

Public awareness

In parallel with monitoring, public seminars are offered to the general public in order to popularize the environmental and societal dimensions linked to the project. Find the lectures on YouTube.

Example of a sensor collected data in the grafana dashboard 

Grafana ARES
This project is in collaboration with the ULB SmartCampus Project .

French version : see here
Period of research activity : 2021-2022

Updated on May 17, 2022