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Arthur Elskens received a Master in biomedical engineering in applied sciences from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium, in 2023. 

PhD Thesis

In-vivo ex-vivo image registration in pre-clinical studies” (under the supervision of Pr. Christine Decaestecker and Pr. Olivier Debeir)

The funding for this PhD thesis is provided by the Prother-Wal project (Proton Therapy Research in Wallonia), which is dedicated to advancing research in the field of proton therapy. Specifically, this thesis falls under the scope of the 4th work package, focusing on image acquisition and processing for proton therapy treatment planning and monitoring. To leverage information from various image modalities, the research explores and develops multi-modal in-vivo and ex-vivo image registration algorithms in the context of pre-clinical studies.

Master Thesis

"Evaluation of whole-slide image registration methods in digital pathology (2023)

Image registration is a fundamental problem in image processing and computer vision that involves aligning multiple images of the same scene or object. In digital pathology, registering multi-stained whole-slide images can be especially challenging. In 2019, this issue was tackled during the Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration (ANHIR) challenge.

The primary objective of this master's thesis was to evaluate the performance of the Elastix registration framework on the ANHIR challenge's public dataset. Through this research, it has been demonstrated that an Elastix-based approach can achieve relevant registrations on this dataset.


Supervision of a BA2 students'group for a biomedical project (TRAN-H-201)


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Updated on October 18, 2023